21 Day Fix

Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed anything. There were the holidays and then my mum had some health issues but we’re getting back into our normal routines here.


Part of our normal routine now involves getting healthy.  It was our new year’s goal, as was the rest of the world’s I’m sure.  We’ve been at it a few months now and it is NOT easy!  We did a lot of research and decided to purchase the 21 Day Fix Program.  We heard a lot of great things about it and found a coach, bought the program and joined a challenge group.  The picture above shows what we received.

The toughest part was meal planning but we decided to go easy on ourselves and keep it simple.  Simple means that we rarely cook anything besides meat and the occasional vegetables.  The containers make it really simple.  For breakfast we have a red container of cottage cheese mixed with a purple container of berries, etc.  A snack might be a green container of veggies and a blue container of hummus (this is one of my new favorite things).  Lunch might be a tortilla with some lunch meat, cheese, greens and a dressing (yellow, red, blue, green).  The books show you what foods are what containers and there’s an easy formula to figure out what you need during the day.

The exercises are challenging to start.  But they have modifications for all sorts and you can increase weights as it gets too easy. They have some easy exercise days sprinkled in like pilates and yoga.  My mum has lost a total of 20 lbs in two months and I’ve lost 15!  It really does work.  It’s not really a diet either because it’s just healthy eating.  All the healthy foods are there and there are recipes you can do.  It’s improved our lifestyle.  Big bonus is that my previous health and fitness purchases are great companions! We’re still using the nutribullet every day and our Polar 360 watches obviously track our exercise and steps etc.

If you’re looking to get healthy, I’d recommend this program!


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