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21 Day Fix

Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed anything. There were the holidays and then my mum had some health issues but we’re getting back into our normal routines here.


Part of our normal routine now involves getting healthy.  It was our new year’s goal, as was the rest of the world’s I’m sure.  We’ve been at it a few months now and it is NOT easy!  We did a lot of research and decided to purchase the 21 Day Fix Program.  We heard a lot of great things about it and found a coach, bought the program and joined a challenge group.  The picture above shows what we received. Continue reading 21 Day Fix

Magic Bullet by NutriBullet

I’m in the states!! Just thought you’d like to know.  It’s beautiful here and much more hot 🙂  If you’re lost right now, click here.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I’ll share my next review with you.  I’m reviewing my mother’s Magic Bullet by NutriBullet.  It’s the 600 watt version.  These are a mixture of my thoughts AND hers.


My thoughts: I LOVE this appliance.

Her thoughts: I LOVE this appliance.

Five stars from both of us.  She uses it every day and now I do too.  What a great day to get veggies and fruits in!  I like to add protein powder to mine and she adds in some kind of aging women’s vitamins.  Anyway, works great to get you healthy on the go!  Prep time on this is super fast and clean up is practically zilch!  I rinse out the cup and the blade and set them upside down for the next use. Now, flax seeds are hard to rinse out so unless you really really love flax, don’t go there.  I used to have a blender and it was such a pain to clean – this is a dream.  It pulverizes seeds like you wouldn’t believe…coffee beans – no problem!

The power on this thing is great.  My mother has had it for a year already and it’s still going strong.  Carrots, apples, seeds, ice…it all comes out smooth as soup with no problem!  It’s also so compact, it barely takes any space on the counter top at all!

These shakes keep you satisfied for hours and they also keep you “regular” if you know what I mean.

The cups come in large and small and honestly, we only use the large.  Wish they would give you more of those.  My mother actually just ordered the colossal size.  She also ordered another blade. The blades seem to dull after about 5-6 months of use but they’re not that expensive to replace so it’s not something she minds doing.

I’ve started using this every day now. My favorite combinations are bananas, peanut butter and chocolate protein powder.  Mango, pineapple and avocado is great too.  Avocado will make anything much thicker so use it sparingly!  Spinach in almost everything works well.  The spinach greens it up but you can’t taste it. My mother put kale in hers the other day and I thought it was terrible.  Too bitter.

If you want to try a cleanse, this would be perfect.  I’ve already lost quite a bit of weight and feel much healthier.

I recommend anyone to try this!


Polar A360

Still busy packing over here. If you missed the last post, I’m moving to the US soon. I’ll be reviewing products and services in the states starting next week!! Looking forward to it! I kind of love new beginnings. She’s undergoing a big project right now too so I may be reviewing on her asphalt paving service in Columbia soon enough! I’ll be coming to a new home with a beautiful new driveway…hopefully!

For now, I’d like to review a product I’ve had for about 6 months now. It’s the Polar A360 fitness band.polar-a360-white-cardiofitness-de

I love this band.  It has all kinds of amazing features.  First off, it’s waterproof!!  I shower with it, swim with it, wash dishes with it – I love that I don’t have to worry about water.  It’s been getting wet for 6 months and still going strong!

Second, it has a built-in heart rate monitor so that you don’t have to wear one of those annoying bands around your chest.  The A360 can deliver on the spot BPM readings.

The polar A360 has a beautiful touch screen display.  I love the sleek yet simple look of it. It’s bright for night time but you can still see the screen fine during the day. Display details can be chosen to compliment your liking.  You can have a clock face, a vertical time, a horizontal time, a military time – lots of options. People think I’m wearing an apple watch but no, it’s just my fitness band.  It has settings for running, walking, group exercise, strength training, sleep tracking and more.  It also keeps track of the calories you’ve burned. The screen responsiveness works really well too…even when you’re wet.

It also gives you smart phone notifications. You can see when a message comes in or a call or email.  But as far as the messages go, you can only see a blip. You have to grab your phone to respond.  But at least you can see if you need to take that message or call though.

It syncs up with MyFitnessPal’s app. I love that app and I love that I can keep track on my caloric intake and the band will tell it how much I’ve burned after exercise and deduct it from my daily count.

Charging is pretty easy.  The back of the face has a clip off section that allows you to plug the charger in.  I wear it 24/7 and only need to charge it once a week if not less.

Lastly, there’s an inactivity alert that tells you when you need to start moving.  I work at my computer all day and it reminds me every hour or so.  At the end of the day, you see all your activity and inactivity.

A360 isn’t the best heart rate tracker out there as far as accuracy goes, but overall I’d recommend this device to anyone looking for a sleek, comfortable and waterproof fitness tracker.