Food Sealers

All right?  In my first post I explained what I’m up to. If you didn’t catch it…click here.

Up first is a Food Sealer from the states.  So I buy fresh chicken off a co-workers farm and then freeze it.  I’ve been eyeing food sealers for quite some time but most were not my cup of least for the prices.  Well my mum fixed that problem!  She lives in the states and is quite addicted to amazon.  She found one she thought sounded good and sent it to me for my birthday.  You can find it here.  It’s a FoodSaver FM2435.


Needless to say I was gobsmacked that she knew just what I had wanted.  I swear I never said a word.  Mums just know these things.

I took it out straight away and found anything I could to seal up.  I started with their ready to use zipper bags.  I put some frozen dough balls in them and zipped them up.  Then I used the attachment on the bag and hit the power button and Bob’s your uncle!  It sucked all the air out and stopped on it’s own when it was done. LOVED THAT.  More grub, more sealing, more love.  The thing about the zipper bags is that you can open them, take what you need and reclose and reseal!

It also comes with rolls that you can create your own bag from.  You just cut it to size and seal one end.  Again, so bloody simple.

It’s got a sleek look and stays on my counter all the time.  I use it nearly every day and not just on food!

This takes the biscuit and I’d recommend it to anyone.  5 stars!