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Big news!  As I’m starting my new blogging venture, I’ll be starting another new venture even more exciting.  I’m headed to the states for a long long holiday to help my sweet mother out.  She’s getting older and a bit needy!  I’m an only child and so I feel like I should probably go and be near her.  So South Carolina here I come!  Looking forward to it actually.  I hear they have beautiful beaches and lots of history. I’ll probably be living with her for a time as I decide if and where I want to stay permanently.

Anyhow, now that I’ve broken that exciting bit of news, on to my next review…


Norwex body cloths.  Let me start by saying I love Norwex products!  The fact that I can clean without chemicals is huge to me.  I’ve found that harsh chemicals affect my health and skin.  Their Envirocloth and Spirisponge are my favorite products.  I also love their Body cloth which I was told lasts about 2 years.  I haven’t used soap in a year!!  Now, I know that sounds disgusting but it cleans your skin quite well and leaves it as smooth as a baby’s bum!  The only problem…it doesn’t seem to last 2 years.  My cloths lose their soft quality in about 2 months time.  They get a bit scratchy and have hurt at times when I’m scrubbing an area with a mole or whatnot.  I’ve been told to soak it in their detergent to bring it back to life but it doesn’t work.  I’ve ended up buying new cloths 2-3 times per year.  Still trying to decide if it’s worth it to me or not.

Back to my favorite products without a negative note. I would recommend their envirocloth and spirisponges to anyone.  The spirisponge scrubs all the pots and pans and china without scratching, so it’s fantastic for non-stick items!  I stock up on them!  The envirocloth is just a great cleaning cloth period.  You can use it wet or dry.  When using it wet, just rinse and wring it and let it dry. You can use it forever and it never gets smelly.  I wash it about once every 2 weeks. It’s great for cleaning up oil and grease in the kitchen.  One swipe will get it all up with no trace!  I would also recommend their kitchen towels.  They are the best towels for drying that I’ve ever tried.  They leave no trace of water at all in just one pass.  I use them every day and can wash a whole kitchen full of items and the towel still dries great by the last dish!  Overall, Norwex makes great products.  I just wish I knew what was causing my body cloths to lose that soft microfiber feel so quickly.  If anyone knows, please holler!